(I got the opportunity to interview one of my favorite singers RL…It was an honor i love everything about him from his raspy voice to the subtle slant of his eyes. )

JusVenus: You write all of your own music as well as music for other artist such as Ginuwine etc.  Where do you draw inspiration from when you write songs and what’s your favorite part about the process?

RL: I get my inspiration from life, whether its pain, whether it’s happiness, whether is somebody else’s relationship around me. It’s not always what I have experienced first-hand; It could be things around me people have experienced or I could be watching a TV show or something like that but…Life! My favorite part of the process is probably the recording part myself, and listening to how the artists interpret my music, how they make it their own. That’s probably what I like the most.

JusVenus: I want to go back to your album RL Elements can you tell me the story behind the song Elements?

RL: Elements is really about the makeup of me. People say Elements really its RL: Ements  and its basically saying its things that ive been through, my pain, my struggles I talk about not being able to see my son at the time I talked about my uncle taking me to my 1st show, my first concert. Different things that I had been through at that moment that have made me who I was; so it’s the Elements or should I say the makeup of me.

JusVenus: Tell me about your lounge in Atlanta. Have you already opened it?

RL: As far as the lounge it is open in Atlanta, You know Peter from the RHOA fame is a person that I’ve known for years way before he was married to Cynthia. Way before the show. I ended up moving next door to him on a whim I didn’t even know he lived there. I kept seeing him and he came to me with an opportunity and I always want to learn and expand my horizons and indulge myself in different things he asked me about investing. I’m not really that good or that knowledgeable of the restaurant business but I want to learn different things.  I never got the chance to go to college like I wanted to; so I consider this my investment-internship so this is just the tip of the iceberg for me. I’m really proud of what Peter has created but I really can’t take credit for the success except for the fact of the little notoriety that I have brings cliental through their but besides that he did a wonderful job putting everything together interior and exterior so I really don’t have anything to do with the day to day. I’m just really proud to be a part of it!

What’s your motto or the advice you live by?

RL: My motto and what I live by is “Never Give Up”, because there are times when I’m down and get frustrated with the business side of the industry but I have to continue to strive and work like I never had any success in this business so I believe you never give UP!

JusVenus: For the readers who have never heard your music, explain your sound in 5 words.

RL: Vocals, ummm……. Passion, Sex, Love, and Timeless!

JusVenus: I recently seen you perform when you came to Columbus, Ohio and despite the technical difficulties, you guys put on an AMAZING show. I have so much respect for you guys as artist.  

RL: Yea, I remember the show in Columbus we were told it was one kind of show and it was another if I’m not mistaken there was also a breast cancer awareness walk thing going on and we performed there as well. The problem with a lot of the promoters now days is they misinform the public and keep the artist out of the loop and we get there and look like were the ones that are victimizing our audience when in reality it’s not true. We were taught at an early age to perform every show like we are at an arena so we like to make sure we give our best show no matter what the circumstances are!

JusVenus: What are the pros and cons of working on a solo album verses doing a group project?

RL: Well, solo wise it’s faster for me because I can record 2 or 3 records sometimes when I’m on the road in a day. You have to be really patient when you’re in a group because there are egos involved because you have opinions and I like it as well but people don’t understand I have to write and record the whole song myself and then send it to my group members so it’s actually more work you would think it would be less, and I have to perform the whole song to convey the emotion that I want to get out of that particular song I is for my group members. It’s actually harder not to say I enjoy it any less because I do love to hear other people interpret my music. Personally, so I guess time and patience.  

JusVenus: What are your thoughts on the music on the radio today?

RL: I don’t want to sound like the old guy in the room who’s hating or anything like that but I don’t hear a lot of timeless material. That’s why I think a lot of artists have to release albums every 6-9 months or 9-12 months because they have to keep the audience’s attention. If you look at these pop groups they can come out with an album ever 2-3 years because they’re traveling the world in Scotland somewhere with a kilt on still getting paid. A lot of the urban artists have to hurry up and put something out there so they can tour because they’re not selling a lot of records. There is a lot of talent on the radio I think it’s just misguided and the music they’re performing just isn’t timeless.

JusVenus: Okay I’m going to say a few song titles and tell me what’s the first thing that comes to mind.

Butta Love:
RL:  Fear because I remember writing that record when I was about 16 or 17 years old and I grew up in a hair salon and it was really about the women I would see coming into my mother’s salon. I love to see a woman with her hair and nails done things like that. I remember being in New York and that was the time of Wu-Tang and Diddy and everybody, and they weren’t playing a lot of R&B. I didn’t hear the record on the radio and I didn’t think it was being successful and my group members had gone home to Orlando and Minnesota respectively. I didn’t know the record was playing nonstop. Secondly, at the time that the record had came out UPS was on a strike and we couldn’t deliver the single to stores the 1st two weeks it was out so I was really fearful until I was at a mall in New Jersey and I saw a little girl about four or five singing it so that was the amazing part.

Gangsta of Love:  
RL: When I think of that I think of fun. It’s just a mix tape record, I’m a big Geto Boys fan and that’s where I got the Idea, also an Anthony Hamilton fan so I love the track so I really just wanted to have some fun.

Good Love:
RL:  Makes me think of church and drama because I actually got sued behind the original track some cats promised to sale me the track, took it back went and did a different track and they still came with their hands out so I actually…well Warner brothers had to pay them which is funny but makes me think of church I was actually an usher I wasn’t in the choir much a little I was kind of nervous and shy back then of singing when I was younger and I always wanted to a record that reminded me of growing up in church and that’s what good love reminds me of.

JusVenus: So the ladies would hurt me if I didn’t ask you this question, Are you single? Also what attracts you to a woman?

RL: Am I single? I’m married to my music. What attracts me to women is confidence and aggression. There’s nothing like an aggressive woman a woman that knows what she wants and goes after it. Because I look at it how I look at music there are millions of people that look better than me, sound better than me, write better than me, but they didn’t want it as bad as I did or pursue it as aggressively and that’s what I would want a woman to do… Pursue me aggressively.

JusVenus: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with me. I am a huge fan of not only you as an artist, and songwriter, but also a fan of you as a person there is nothing like a god fearing man. Thank you.

RL: Thank You for your time!

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