I had the pleasure of interviewing an AMAZING singer, actor, just an all around entertainer

Palmer Williams Jr. 


I have been wanting to interview Palmer for awhile now. This man makes me LOL literally. So when i finally got the chance to do it i was so excited!!! I was so nervous but he made me feel comfortable. I hope you enjoy reading this interview as much as i enjoyed interviewing him.

JusVenus: How do you balance your career with your home life when it comes to being a father and a husband?

Palmer: As far as balancing the two they have pretty much grown up watching me grow up on stage so it’s like that’s what daddy does. This is my lively hood i’m trying to support my family on what it is i do which i think it’s hilarious that i am able to do that. I don’t know if there is a definitive balance but there must be because they are still here. The balance is checks and balance make sure i have enough money to balance my account, and that i can pay the check for that mortgage. That and just the communication with the recent development of Skype over the last couple of years that helps tremendously to be able to Skype and see your children and the cell phone and all that kind of stuff. Those are the things that really help me to stay in touch and stay in contact and try to be daddy over the phone. Sometimes when you are trying to discipline over the phone it’s hilarious. Having a Skype argument with one of your children it’s hilarious.


JusVenus: How do you get in character to play….

Palmer: Floyd?

JusVenus: Yes Floyd is one of my favorite characters. How do you get into the role of Floyd?

Palmer: Well Floyd is pretty much 40% of me the other 60% is stuff that i come up with in my head that would really make Floyd silly and also some other things that Tyler Perry has also implemented in that character. Preparation wise I definitely take a nap just rest up and have my body in a state of rest even if I don’t go to sleep just so I can have that type of energy to go at 1000%. Peppermint, cups of tea sometimes coffee but as far as mental preparation for it I think of what somebody had to pay to come and see me and they don’t want any excuses of me being tiered, horse, or me not feeling well. So a lot of the preparation goes on constantly by making sure i take care of my health. Making sure i don’t do anything that is going to be detrimental to my performance so definitely a lot of rest trying to take care of myself.physically and in my mental health. I have to block out events that took place that day to concentrate on what i have to do on stage.

JusVenus: Everybody wants to know how is it working with Tyler Perry?

Palmer: It’s amazing to be able to go into work and have somebody that is like minded in your faith by acknowledging Jesus as their savior. As well as implementing it into various productions and into the writing. His work ethic is amazing he set’s a pace and you try to keep up with it. It’s challenging and it makes it that much more rewarding when you see the end result. He has such an incredible high for his art form he is respected because of the phenomenal success of each piece that he’s put together. He’s got the midis touch it should be the messiah’s touch because he is definitely being anointed to do this. It’s basically the greatest job I have ever had. (Singing “The best job i ever had”)

This is one of my favorite clips of Palmer i had to add this!!

JusVenus: How do you recover from a mishap on stage?

Palmer: Usually i’m the one trying to make somebody have a mishap on stage and most of it is just being silly. Recovering for me usually when somebody makes me break i’m going to get them back take it to the stage it’s nothing personal it’s all done in fun. It’s troublesome cause I can’t get it together sometime because i very seldom break I have to recover really fast because I don’t want people to think he’s having too much fun. So I make sure I don’t do that.


JusVenus: When was the one moment when you realized this is no longer a hobby, I finally made “IT”? What was the experience like?

Palmer: It was in 1992 when I joined the cast of A good man is hard to find and eventually worked my way  on stage opposed to being a background vocalist or an understudy. At that moment I knew then that this was what I wanted to do I was already going back and forth to various cities singing on the weekends. It was wearing me out going back and forth to three different states each weekend Atlanta, Tennessee, and Alabama. When i finally got the call and it was so crazy I was actually at my aunt’s house and she told me somebody had called and was looking for me and they left a number for me to call back. I had to drive all the way from Knoxville, TN to Greenville, NC overnight I auditioned for almost a week. It was an amazing transformation.

JusVenus: What would you say is the hardest obstacle you had to overcome? Like stage fright etc.

Palmer: I don’t really get stage fright I get nervous with anticipation because you know you put the work in and you try to make sure that you are prepared. You have to make sure that you have everything lined up and prepared and therefore you don’t really get nervous. You may get a little nervous and antsy because you don’t know how the audience is going to receive the material. As far as me knowing my lines and stuff like that I make sure that happens. The greatest thing to overcome was probably the fear of failure, the fear of bombing, the fear of not trying a little harder because you are afraid it might not be accepted. (Fear of flying that’s another one) I’m much better now only my hands sweat when i’m on the inside of that thing.

JusVenus: The fact that you spoke on the fear of bombing/failing that is something that i have let hinder me in some ways. I think a lot of people can identify with that. I am trying to get to the point where I can just take that leap of faith and trust God.


Palmer: That’s all you have to rely on, I mean you have to rely on him. If you don’t then what’s the purpose of having faith? Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. There is so much that you haven’t seen yet about yourself so you know you have to take the journey with your own life and trust exactly what it is that’s about to happen and that’s exciting.

JusVenus: What do you want to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

Palmer: You got it right, finally. Your mommy and daddy are waiting on you.




Here’s a clip of Palmer Williams Jr. The Family Man