Access Granted with “Demented Pop Princess” Liz Brennan

Your ACCESS has been GRANTED!!



Before the interview with Liz Brennan started I couldn’t stop listening to her song “Since you broke my heart. It’s my new favorite. ”


JV: What made you dub your music “Demented Pop”?

LB: Well I never really knew how to categorize it and it seems that everyone in the industry just wants you to label what you do so I just thought some of my songs are a little strange and kind of odd so I just went with demented. Even though demented is not the feel for every single one of my songs.

JV: I like the whole “Demented” it stands out and makes you want to listen. Who would you say are some of your musical inspirations?

LB: Well even though I don’t sound like them at all probably Stevie Nicks and Mick Jagger. Stevie Nicks is my favorite singer in the world. I love Mick Jaggers attitude when he’s singing and I also love Meat Loaf because he writes really strange songs. Mick Jagger is just epic whatever he does is just perfect.

Here is the link to Liz’s Video MGF

JV: This is a random question but if you could create a new rock band consisting of musicians alive or deceased who would be in your band?

LB: I think I would put Keith Moon on the drums he is completely the craziest person that I have ever seen. Maybe Tom Petty and even though he stands on his own I love how he harmonizes with everyone. Oh and Keith Richards because I just like the crazy people.  I love his sound everything he does and he is such a character. I don’t think I have a base player.

JV: I know you play the guitar are there any other instruments you play?

LB: I just play the guitar.

JV: As of now what would you consider your biggest break of your biggest accomplishment?

LB: Right now I would say it’s working with the film director that I am working with he’s doing my music videos. He did the video for MGF and he’s doing my next video for my song called “Body Bag” in August. He is a great director and he was the first assistant director for Napoleon Dynamite. He also did Sasquatch Gang he is a great movie director. He’s into the music so he’s kind of doing it as a friend and it gives me a chance to put my music out there.

JV: What can someone expect to see at one of your live performances?

LB: Well first of all I’m probably the loudest singer that anyone has ever heard. You can’t really hear it in the recordings but we turn me down so it’s not uncomfortable. So a really loud energetic performance and everyone who comes knows all the words so we sing together. That’s sort of the vibe at the show.


JV: What do you feel distinguishes an “artist” from someone who is just a “musician”?

LB: I think your creativity. I think there are plenty of gifted musicians who are extremely talented but I think artist are people that can do something new to music or just add their special twist to what has been done and hopefully have a good combination of the two.

JV: I ran this question by my friend and they said there was no difference and I disagree there is a definite difference.

LB: Yeah because I know there are plenty musicians who are much better than me but they can’t write a song. So I consider them musicians and not an artist because they are amazing at what they do.

JV: I know singers who can sing Beyonce under the table but when it comes to the branding and the whole package that’s where they are lacking. I know you’re a singer and you write your own songs how much creative control do you have over your music?

LB: I have sole creative control. I work with one other person full time and he’s the main guitar player that I work with and we produce all the tracks together. We just sit there and add every single instrument and I say yes or no or I’ll add a little bit myself. We sit there for like weeks and work on every single track until I get the final thing.

JV: Everybody has heard of the term “starving artist” how do you cope with dealing with major obstacles?

LB: By making sure I find new ways to getting the music out there and just not hitting the same road blocks over and over. Looking for any opportunity that you can for people to find you I think that’s the most important thing. I think every artist good or bad has self-doubt every once in a while so you just have to keep moving if that’s what you really want more than anything else.

JV: Who or what do you attribute to your drive as an artist?

LB: I would say my friends because that’s kind of where I developed my story telling and that’s one thing I try to bring into music. That’s one thing I love about music is the hidden stories you can find in it. I’m always sharing stories with friends so that overlaps into my music.

JV: Art and music has an impact on both the young and old because everybody loves a celebrity. So what advice would you give to the youth today?

LB: Come up with a good brand for yourself something that describes you. Even if you don’t think it fully describes you just something that is interesting and will get people’s attention. Or have something very distinct about your music and your brand that will make people relate to you. It goes for everything even a big voice or your attitude in your music. To where people can hear you and say yeah that’s that person.

JV: I love your song “Since you broke my heart” and my sister was listening to it and she said she kind of sounds like a cross between Katy Perry with a little Christina Aguilera in certain parts of the song. Who do people usually compare you to?

LB: I was just talking about this today I get compared to almost anyone who is loud anyone with a really big voice. I hear most often Stevie Nicks he’s one of my favorites. I have also gotten Janice Joplin. I don’t get compared to a lot of the new artist I get compared to a lot of the old school singers.

(Liz Brennan says her song “Since you broke my heart” was a song that it took a long time to make. She said she had a hard time getting the feel to the song the way she wanted to.)

JV: Without music I would be______________ (fill in the blank)

LB: A conservationist working in parks and stuff. Nature, boats and stuff like that.

JV: How can your fans get in contact with you?

LB: The best way to contact me would be through Facebook:

Also check out Liz’s Official Site

Liz’s Official Youtube Channel