Every Man’s Fantasy….Maci Cruz

I got the chance to interview the sexy, and sultry eye candy Maci Cruz. The Dominican born and NY raised bombshell. Maci has been featured in videos like Moe Money Feat. Chris Cali and Short Dawg’s “Let’s Talk Money” and Brandsondagreat Featuring Chaundon’s “Go So Hard.”

JV: First let us know how you became interested in the fashion world of modeling?

Maci: Growing up most of the people I surrounded myself with, even random people in the streets, would tell me to either become a model, or ask if I have ever done anything within the industry. My reply was always no lol. I was so focused on work and school. I was also a Tomboy back then so modeling was not something I saw myself doing at the moment. Not because I didn’t want to, don’t get me wrong, but because there are so many scams out there. You can’t really trust anybody. After college I decided to get myself involved, and I have honestly loved all the different things I have been able to experience and everyone I have met in the process; truly a blessing.

JV: What would you say is your best feature?

Maci: My best feature… hmmm. Lol. People always tell me different things, from my hair, to my lips, eyes, and thighs. My preference always varies lol. I would have to say that right now my favorite feature are my lips.

JV: Describe your personality?

Maci: I consider myself to be extremely outgoing. I love socializing with people. I am very focused on bettering myself. Bettering yourself is an ongoing process. I also love working, I do a couple of other things besides the modeling, I also love love love helping those around me. I love seeing everyone around me happy. It truly fulfills me.

JV: Would you classify yourself as a runway model, print, or editorial model?

Maci: Print & editorial. Depends on the job I’m being offered. I have done both. I am open to trying new venues.

JV: How were you discovered?

Maci: I would have to say that my first big gig with Short Dawg, was when I really put myself out there. I had so much fun at the shoot. I was able to meet some great people. I met the producer Rob Smith and my publicist Cece Vance and it was history lol. I have learned so much from both and will always appreciate them for it.

JV: What would you say is your greatest strength?

Maci: My personality

JV: I happen to be a big fan of Michael Kors, and Alexander McQueen who would you put as your top fashion designer you would like to work with?

Maci: Honest answer? … I am not really into designers. I salute them and trust me I think their work, when I see it in magazines, or at a show, is absolutely beautiful; however, I do not have a favorite.

JV: Tell us about your experience as a model, what type of assignments have you handled?

Maci: I have done various photo shoots where I had the opportunity to work with amazing photographers. I have also done a couple of videos and also had the opportunity to once interview Grammy Award winning artists “Calle 13.”

JV: According to your experience what kind of attire would you say best suits you when you are booked for a job?

Maci:  It really depends on what the assignment is. I love the high fashion shoots, or the shoots where I am able to wear what I would wear in the streets, Jeans, shorts etc.

JV: What technique do you follow to understand the strategy for performing as desired?

Check out Maci Cruz in Done Wright- The Realest’s Video Birds Eye View

Maci: I always try to be myself. A model has to be herself, and be confident in the assignment she is partaking in. Everything shows on camera. If you are uncomfortable, with anything, trust that it shows in the pictures and, or the video you’re shooting.

JV: How can people get in touch with you for bookings etc.?

Maci: For Bookings they can contact my publicist Cece Vance @CeceVance