EXCLUSIVE Interview With The One & Only, Ms. K Michelle

Kyle’s EXCLUSIVE Interview with Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Star/ Soulful Singer K.MICHELLE

I recently had the opportunity to have my first interview. I was lucky enough to get someone who I actually requested the opportunity to talk to, and that was K. Michelle. A lot of you may know her from her many songs with the likes of R. Kelly, Trina, and many others. Also, you may know her from her mixtapes that have been circuiting around, including her most recent to date 0 Fucks Given. Now, you can catch K. Michelle every Monday night on VH1 on the hit show, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Kyle D: Who is K. Michelle?

K. Michelle: I am a single mother, I’m an artist. And I’m just chill. Nothing too dramatic or anything.

Kyle D: What was one of the biggest challenges for you when you started working on your new project, 0 Fucks Given?

K. Michelle: I didn’t really have a challenge. I went into it knowing exactly what I wanted to do, and I was just myself, so it was an easier musical project for me. It wasn’t anything that stressed me out about it.

Kyle D: Your song, “U Gonna Learn Today”, speaks a lot about a lot of things that have been said about you. What made you decide to address it in this one song? 

K. Michelle: When I get into the studio, they play the music and we take it from there. Whoever, my writing team, or the producer, however he creates, it is what it is. It’s never planned. It’s music! It just happens.

Kyle D: Also, speaking on that, what inspired you to be so honest and open? Because they are many in the game today who have been in there so long and still aren’t as open as you were on this one mixtape. And it was like “Here I Am. This Is Me, Take It Or Leave It” so to speak. What inspired you and what made you be so honest and open about everything? 

K. Michelle: I think that’s whats most important. There’s a lot of ways people can tell you how to be an artist and what you can’t say and should say. But I don’t respect that. I respect the person who is comfortable being them, even with there flaws and even with there mistakes. So that’s what I said, when I got in the game, that’s who I am going to be.

Kyle D: As an artist, is there anything special that you wish to accomplish?

K. Michelle: No, I just hope that I continue to be able to touch women and people can take from my story. And they continue to have a familiar face in some music they enjoy and have someone they relate to.

Kyle D: What do you attribute to your “drive as an artist?”

K. Michelle: It’s just in me. I just love music. It’s really not a difficult thing to continue to do it. It’s who I am and what I am suppose to be doing.

Kyle D: What would you be doing if you were not in the music industry?

K. Michelle: I dont know. I would probably be a business woman doing something.

Kyle D: Who are some of the people you would love to do a song with?

K. Michelle: I really have worked with almost everyone I’ve wanted to work with. I would love to work with Pink and Rascal Flatts.

Kyle D: Growing up, who are some of your inspirations that when you heard them sing, you knew you wanted to be in this industry?

K. Michelle: People of course like Whitney Houston. I really really liked Phyllis Hayman. Mary J Blige. Just women who are out there doing there thing, and I paid a lot of attention to music. So those are people who caught my attention.

Kyle D: Someone once said, write what you would love to perform over and over. What in that mind set, what song do you love to perform the most when you are on stage?

K. Michelle: A record called “Where They Do That At”.

Kyle D: What about that song do you like the most about it?

K. Michelle: It’s just a record. I feel everyone at some point can relate to that record. It’s a record that everywhere that I go and do shows, people know that record.

Kyle D: When things seems to go negatively at times in your life, how do you turn it into something positive?

K. Michelle: I really haven’t been paying a lot of attention to it. So, when things go negative, you just have to keep it pushing and do what you gotta do.

Kyle D: Speaking on that, you talked about the abuse you received at the hands of your ex. After all that happened, how did it affect you? Did it make you question love in a sense? Did it make you stronger? Did it make you want to change anything about you? What was going on through your head when it happened and at this point now?

K. Michelle: It makes you question yourself sometimes. It makes you ask why. It makes you question a lot of things, but at the end of the day “What If?” It makes you realize there is a lot of people that go through it and it’s never right. It happens so often that people begin to take it lightly, and it’s not a situation that anybody should play with or try to get famous talk from some bullshit like that, but it happens.

Kyle D: When you first received the call that the producers wanted you to be on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, what was going through your head and what were you thinking?

K. Michelle: I was cool with Mona. I knew about it and I knew about the show, and I just thought it was something to give me the opportunity to tell exactly who I was and for people to see me and to tell my story.

Kyle D: When you watch yourself on TV, do you ever go “Damn I shouldn’t have said that”, or “Damn, I look like a fool”. Is there anytime where you are like Dang, I cannot believe I am really doing this?

K. Michelle: No, not really. Because if you did it, that’s where you are at at that moment. So, no I never have any regrets.

Kyle D: Is it a growing experience for you being on the show?

K. Michelle: It is. It is a growing experience. You get to find out things about yourself. You get to see things about yourself that others might see that you don’t see. It’s a great learning experience for me.

Kyle D: What are some thins you enjoy about being on the show. And what are some things you dislike about being on the show, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?

K. Michelle: I enjoy the team, I enjoy my cast members, a lot of them. And it’s nothing I really don’t like about doing the show. It takes up a lot of my time, I wish I had more time because I’m really busy. But other than that, that’s the biggest complaint, the time factor.

Kyle D: Now when I say your cast members names, I want you to tell me the first thing that pops into your head about them. 

Kyle D: Mimi

K. Michelle: Strong.

Kyle D: Karlie Redd

K. Michelle: Ugly.

Kyle D: Josseline

K. Michelle: Hurt.

Kyle D: Rasheeda

K. Michelle: I don’t know.

Kyle D: Momma Dee

K. Michelle: So funny, funny.

Kyle D: Stevie J

K. Michelle: A clown.

Kyle D: Lil’ Scrappy

K. Michelle: Silly.

Kyle D: Erica

K. Michelle: My heart. A friend.

Kyle D: And of course, K. Michelle

K. Michelle: I’m just there. I guess cool.

Kyle D: Lastly, mixtape after mixtape. When are we getting that album? K. Michelle fans really want to know! I’m a fan too, I have every mixtape. I’m bumping 0 Fucks Given in my truck like there is no tomorrow. So when are we going to get that album that we have been waiting so long for? 

K. Michelle: I just don’t know. It just depends on how, if I want to do it myself, if I wanna…..I haven’t even started to take any label meetings yet or anything. So I don’t know. I’m just chillin’ right now, trying to get this out of the way. I think I have a nice EP that we put together. So, now, in the next couple of weeks, I’m going to decide how it’s going to be released.

So there you have it people. Honestly, K. Michelle was very dope and laid back. For my first interview, you would think you were talking to a good friend. She was very nice and made me feel very comfortable. Thank you again to K. Michelle, I really enjoyed talking to you, and also to Whitney. So if you haven’t gotten the latest K. Michelle 0 Fucks Given, you can get it here http://www.datpiff.com/K-Michelle-0-Fucks-Given-mixtape.370923.html .

— Kyle J. Davis

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