Rasheeda is hands down the hottest chick with a mic. She has been around for awhile now. You may know her from her singles “Bubble Gum”, “Touch your toes”, and “Type of girl”. She is now blowing up the airways with her NEW SINGLE “Marry me”

JusVenus: How hard is it for you and your husband Kirk to maintain a marriage and working together at the same time?

Rasheeda: It can be difficult but it can be done! you just gotta find balance, communicate & work on not taking the business to the

JusVenus: A lot of people want me to ask you how did you and Kirk meet?

Rasheeda: We met through mutual friends. He was friends with the girls I started the rap group with DaKaperz.

JusVenus:  Like I mentioned I am the biggest Rasheeda fan me and my sister use to ride around in the car doing the head movements to bubble gum. What is your creative process like when coming up for concepts for your songs?

Rasheeda: I just do me, listen to beats & see where they take me. I speak on things I see or have experienced and I try not to over think it.

JusVenus:  What is the biggest challenge of being an independent artist?

Rasheeda: Finances! It cost a lot of money to promote any artist let
alone doing it independently.

JusVenus:  I am so happy that you are on LHHATL. How did this
opportunity come about?

Rasheeda: When they decided to bring it to Atlanta my name was mentioned a few times. I was called to take a meeting & that meeting turned into a few meetings and then I got the GREEN LIGHT!!! LOL…

JusVenus: Being a loyal viewer I noticed that you are the only woman on the show that manages to stay out of drama amongst the other ladies, how do you manage to stay away from “messy” situations like that?

Rasheeda: Just don’t be around… LOL!!!

JusVenus:  Has watching your life on the TV screen helped you evolve?

Rasheeda: Hell yeah!!!! it has helped me work on me!

JusVenus:  Okay i’m going to name a cast member and I want you to give me a word that describes them.

Scrappy: Da Homie!

K. Michelle:-crazy

Mimi: bitch, bitch, muthafucka…she get them cuss words in.LOL

Stevie J: Ridiculous

Joseline: Funny

Erica: Cool

Karlie: Messy

Kirk: Laid back

Shay: Seeking

Moma Dee: Over the Top

Rasheeda: (If i personally had to answer i would say BOSS lol)

JusVenus:  Tell us about your venture http://www.ImBossy.com i was so mad they sold out of I’m the main chick tee’s lol.

Rasheeda: ImBossy.com is my apparel, accessory & music website that I’m extremely proud of! You can come thru & get bossed up with hot pieces of jewelry, tee’s, tanks, sunglasses, bags & music!

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