One on One Interview with Actor Jesse Woodrow

So I had the honor of Interviewing the talented and Sexy Jesse Woodrow!!! ((EXCLUSIVE))

JusVenus: Give us a brief description of what your role is in the movie “The Thriller Unborn”.

Jesse: I play a guy who is an alcoholic and is abusive. Essentially, accidentally, kills his wife that happens to be pregnant with his child and when learning that he’s actually killed his wife in the hospital, the child lives and the paramedics gets there and realizes she’s dead but the child still has a heartbeat. So that kind of drives the movie, that’s the idea. The movie takes place over 14 years; it’s a long time, 10-14 years. So the little girl is 14-15 at the end of the movie. I just play this guy that’s not really capable of being a human being. He’s not capable of being in the society that you and I are in and he’s really ruined his life.


JusVenus: I saw the trailer, and I always wanted to be an actress, but I would be so afraid of being in the scary movie.

Jesse: I just got offered a movie and the script is so scary and they want me to be the scary guy. And I’m like I’m so not scary in real life. I feel like I’m a three year old in real life. I’m such a dork and so not threatening. And they want me to be so evil and mean, I’m gonna have to do a lot of research.

JusVenus: What roles do you have coming up in the near future?

Jesse: One thing that I’ve been acting for 15 years and one thing that’s changed over the years, we have this thing called Facebook , Twitter, and Youtube, and all of these, you know you have a website that you do these interviews. This world has blossomed into this information age. And because of that, a lot of movies now when you get offered a movie, along with the script comes an NDA, which is a non disclosure agreement, and the reason they do that is they don’t want you as an actor, saying on Facebook and Twitter and be like “I just got offered so and so movie, and I’m reading the script now and it looks really cool it’s like this guy, he dies, and he gets killed” and you know, you give away the whole movie. Even with the Dark Knight Rises when that was shooting, I remember it was shooting here in town. And you know, I didn’t audition for the movie, but the people who did audition, you weren’t given the script, you were given a page and they crossed out the title of the characters, you didn’t even who who you were auditioning for, you just knew the lines you were supposed to say. It’s very secretive. I’m saying all that to say that I’ve got five offers on the table right now, and one is going to shoot next month, one is going to shoot the month after that, one is going to shoot at the end of the year, and the other next year in the first quarter, and the next, next year like in June. So I have five offers right now, but I’ve got NDA’s with them, so I can’t, I’m legally, I’ll go to prison if I say the titles or what it about. So I’ll say I have a LOT going on.

JusVenus: What is your opinion on the reception you get from American fans opposed to doing a film overseas or going to do a film overseas?

Jesse: That’s a good question. I think, I will say the receptions in both areas are overwhelming; it’s amazing, great, positive experience in both areas. I think that, definitely in Europe, I’ve done a couple of autograph things in Europe for a TV show called Charmed, and I think that when I did one of them, I did one in London recently, a few years ago, and the reception  was amazing. The people were so sweet. As far as differences go, I think, it’s so rough to explain it, I think that it’s possible, and this may not be true, but it’s possible that it’s really not a lot of difference. It seems like a lot of the people who do a lot of Twitter and try to get a hold of me,  sometimes when I find out where they’re from, I can tell in the language that they are trying to speak English to me, that it’s not their first language, and it’s possible that, this is just the hypothesis, but it seems like people who are overseas, European, or just not from America, I hate to use the word aggressive, but they are more enthusiastic, possibly, but regardless the United States or overseas are both extremely special to me and show me, I feel, as much love as Europeans or overseas.

JusVenus: I was talking to someone else and they basically said the same thing, the main difference was the language of the way they speak, and the mannerisms of their culture that we wouldn’t do. But there, it’s accepted so it may come off a little different, so that’s what it is.

Jesse: Yea, I think, also as far as even when it comes to interviews, I get more interviews from people in America than in Europe. So, I found out with interviews the difference with fans, it’s a lot of interviews in states, but rarely do I get an interview from a blog that’s like in Italy or somewhere.

JusVenus: What would you say keeps you so humble in this crazy entertainment industry?

Jesse: How can I stay humble you mean?

JusVenus: Yea.

Jesse: Okay, well here’s a great answer and it’s so the truth for me. I remember as a child, I was in Hawaii one time, my parents use to take me there for Christmas. I remember Michael Jackson was staying in our hotel, and it was Michael Jackson, and as a kid Michael Jackson was God to everybody. He was just, for anybody, if he was in the same country you were in you were freaking out, and he was staying in the same hotel. I remember, of course, he walked out one day and there were hundreds of people following him trying to talk to him and things like that, and he talked to as many people as he could. And I saw another celebrity a couple years later, I was about 10 or 12 years old, I was at a restaurant, a hotel restaurant, somebody walked up to them and they were, the celebrity, was just not courteous and almost rude. And I watched it. And I thought to myself wait a minute. That person that just walked up and asked for an autograph at the dinner table, probably just paid $10 or $15 the night before to see a movie that guy was in and now that guy is being mean. And I thought to myself, why on Earth would I, Jesse as an actor, be rude or mean to anyone, any person, ever period. Then also I thought these people are paying my rent, they are paying for my car. When you go see a movie I’m in, you’re paying my rent, right? So I just never, I don’t see the reason to be mean to people. I just don’t see a reason. I just try and just remember that it could all be gone tomorrow and I think it’s the wisest, and smartest, and best thing to do. To be nice to everybody and try and be as humble as you can, and know that I am doing something that everyone in the world would want to do and I am very lucky and it could all be gone tomorrow.

[[During this part, we had to take a break his manager called in and informed him he just got another role on another movie !!! Yay !!!]]

JusVenus: Okay, now on to something everybody wants to know, myself included, is there a special woman in your life? Or is Jesse single?

Jesse: I am single.

JusVenus: What do you say is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Jesse: Under what category?

JusVenus: Your personal life.

Jesse: A man by the name of Andrew Arrowwood told me that I had a tendency to, in my personal life, that I was so over bearing. I’m a Leo, and an actor, I’m all those things you would think, so I have a tendency to leave body bags, he would say, along the highway of Jesse, and I have come across people who love and adore you, but you have slayed them, and slaughtered them, you’ve killed and destroyed them. You’ve put them down or made fun of them or ridiculed them or criticized them, or maybe they were wrong and you told them they were wrong in front of 30 people and it embarrassed them or whatever. You have these body bags of relationships along the highway of Jesse, and people really like you. So, if you were just a little nicer and thought about what you were saying before you said it, it’s possible that you could really salvage a lot of these relationships. I read like these little quotes that people have about Leo’s and I read this one that said “I’m not yelling at you, I’m just telling you because I know how to do it better than you do.” And I read that statement and I was like “yea, it’s the truth,” I’m not trying to be mean, but I just know how to do this and this is how you do it. And to me, it’s normal. I’m just trying to, I don’t know, it just seems normal, but then I realize that’s right and if you really step back and you look at it, yea it’s just I was very rambunctious I guess you could say, instead of being thoughtful and thinking how it might come across and all those things and how I deliver with people. I’ve learned over the course of years, the last probably 10 years of my life, it’s just better not to be that way.

JusVenus: A lot of celebrities have voiced their opinions in support for a candidate. What values are important to you when you make your decision? I’m not asking who you are voting for because I feel that’s personal to everybody.

Jesse: Yea, I appreciate that. The values I look for are ending the fed. If they want to end the fed or not. I don’t think that either candidate wants to do that. Ending the fed is a big thing for me. The Federal Reserve, when I found out who they are and what they are about, and they have nothing to do with the government it’s just a private corporation that taxes that in terms impacts us. When I found out the sham that is the Federal Reserve, basically there is a old phrase that says “Whoever controls the money supply controls the people” and the Federal Reserve controls the money supply. They accept the interest rates. Imagine you and I in a room going, you and I aren’t government, you and I have nothing to do with the government, you and I don’t even have a .gov e-mail address, and we are setting the interest rates for the United States. Who gives us the right to do that? Anyway, to make a long story short is probably my biggest thing as far as looking for a candidate.

JusVenus: Last question, what’s your Twitter and information so fans can get in touch with you?

Jesse: and on that website is my personal e-mail address. And it’s on my website they push contact and they can push the e-mail me button, and that’s the best way to get a hold of me. People can use Twitter, and I try to monitor the Twitter thing as much as possible, and I know that I try to be pretty good with it, but I know only as things grow and I get more followers that, when I get to the Lady Gaga stage of 25 million or whatever she has, it’s just going to be impossible to reply to everyone but I try and do my best.

UPDATE: I got an update about the film that Jesse was just offered.

Jesse: It’s a movie called ‘Adeline’s last message’ it shoots in San Francisco California in October of this year and I play a guy that’s troubled to say the least. It’s a role that I am really excited and looking forward to playing. 
I also booked a PSA commercial for a great organization called the ‘stymie canine Cancer foundation’ they provide transportation. They help find a clinical trial for your pet if they have cancer and they also offer financial support in the event that your pet gets cancer I shot that on Friday of last week. To make a donation or to learn more about the tips, signs and symptoms or to apply for financial aid go to