Kyle J: How does it feel to be representing the “Trini-Rican’s” in the world or just Hispanic people in general?

Cisco: It feels great to be reppin’ for my people. Most of the time I think it’s just me out there that’s a “Trini-Rican”. I also get to represent my Caribbean people, my Boricua’s, all my Trini’s, and it feels good. We’re just one big melting pot over here.

Kyle J: Art and entertainment have an impact on the lives of the young and the old. Everyone loves a celebrity, so what advice do you have for the youth of today.

Cisco: Whatever they put their mind to, whether it is entertainment, music, lawyer, doctor, just stick to it. Never get up, because it’s right when you give up, it’s right when you might be successful, and anything worth having is worth working hard for. So if you really want it, it really isn’t going to feel like work. It is just going to be your passion. So, always stick to it, never give up!

Kyle J: Why do you think you have succeeded in a field where so many others have failed?

Cisco: Just like I just said, I haven’t been giving up. This is something I want, it’s my passion. It doesn’t feel like work even the hard times are just a present state; it isn’t who you really are so you know that success is destined. Everyone was put on this earth to succeed; God did not put anyone on this Earth to become a failure. So, as long as you believe in yourself and God, you’re going to do it.

Kyle J: What first got you interested in becoming an actor?

Cisco: I always loved cartoons. I knew I wanted to be a cartoon when I was little (laughs), but as I got older, I don’t know, I just liked putting on different characters and trying different stories just to see if people would believe me and not knowing if it was just me being very gullible or if I was that good. It’s fun being able to take on many characters, reading a script, making a movie, seeing it being made from beginning to end and just being a part of the whole process. It’s dope.


Kyle J:and you also write and make film as well, right?

Cisco: Yes, I do, yes.

Kyle J:So what made you want to branch out and not be just the “typical” actor. What made you want to step behind the camera and be the one that says “Action!” and “Cut”?

Cisco: Well, that’s actually where I started out from. That’s my foundation. I went to Morgan State University in Baltimore, and I got a degree in Film and Television Production. I actually learned how to direct, edit, shoot, the whole shabang bang. Throughout that process I started acting and getting in front of the camera and I liked that too. So I got there and I thought “hmm, I can do both”.  When I got to Hollywood, I decided to just focus on my acting. So for the past ten years, I have been focusing on acting and establishing my name out here. Now that I have, it’s time to get back to everything I learned; the directing, the writing, its fun.

Kyle J: So in this field growing up and being around so many influential people, who are some actors, writers, or all around entertainers you looked up to growing up as a child?

Cisco: Everybody from Johnny Depp, John Lrguizamo, Al Pacino, [Robert] De Niro, James Cagney, Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte, my mom loved Harry Belafonte. I just loved art, I consider it an art. Looking at them acting, it makes you want to be on the screen next to them and doing what they are doing.


Kyle J: Speaking on that, who is some people you have received advice from that you have kept with you to this day. Whether it be from people you were working on a set with or just talking to them at an event?

Cisco: I guess you could say I have taken something from everybody I have worked with, whether it was spoken directly to me or observing them on set and listening and watching their process.  Like when I did the movie 513 with Tom Sizemore, as crazy as people say he may be as a person, but when he is on set as an artist he is so focused. He’s asking numerous questions in order to get the truth out of the character that is he playing. That was something I watched and observed and started taking on myself every sense I worked with him in the movie 513. That movie will be out soon within the next few months. 

Kyle J: Has there ever been a role that you have taken on that after you signed onto do it, you read over and were like “What have I just gotten myself into?” as far as the role itself being challenging. You didn’t know if you could portray the character in the direct light that he needed to be portrayed in?

Cisco: No, I have never taken on anything that I don’t believe I’m capable of. If I wasn’t  I probably wouldn’t have gotten that far anyway. I probably would’ve passed on the role. I want to go wholeheartedly in everything knowing that I can do it.

Kyle J: On the flip side  has there ever been a role that you have read and you could identify with the character?

Cisco: I can’t lie; the role of Jesus in Next Day Air was a role that when I read it, it felt I was reading myself. At first, the role of my girlfriend was my brother. I had a brother like that who I always yelled at and argued with. I felt like when I was playing Jesus, I felt that I was yelling at my brother even though it was my girl. I was like “Man, I can identify with this”. Let’s get this straight, I am not selling 10 keys of coke, but that would be a character that I could definitely relate to.


Kyle J: So tell us about the character you play, opposite of J. Holiday, in The School of Hard Knocks. What was it like preparing for that role?

Cisco: School of Hard Knocks that role it was one of those kind of guys that was no nonsense. He wasn’t really one of those gangsters that joked around. He kept it real straight. Me, I have the habit of always throwing some kind of comedy into my characters. So to play a dude that doesn’t really laugh a lot was kind of hard that was kind of challenging. Working with J. Holiday was a good experience.

Kyle J: [In The School of Hard Knocks] what’re your thoughts on that characters personality? What’re his strengths? What’re his weaknesses? Do you feel that he can be redeemed or is he just misunderstood?

Cisco: I feel that he could have been redeemed but he’s trying so hard to keep up this image and what he has established he has to keep up. When you have to keep up an image like that you can’t really change or you will lose your respect on the street and you could lose a power and then you would become a victim. That was one thing he never wanted to become was a victim.


Kyle J: Is there anything that you have done that you would like to burn all copies of? Never bring it to the surface again, just throw it away completely?

Cisco: Sure, but I’d never tell you!

Kyle J: So, are there any new projects that you are working on right now that you can talk about?

Cisco: Yea, I just shot a TV pilot that Tangie Miller is putting together called A Diva’s Diaries. Also stars Marie Morrows, Vanessa Williams, Christie Faris, and Sean Blakemore. It’s like a new sexy urban, I want to say, Sex and the City type show.  It’s real sophisticated and has a beautiful cast. I think y’all are going to enjoy it.

Kyle J: Explain who Chef Scozy is.

Cisco: Scozy is me. Scozy is my residence. That’s what they call where I live. People always describe it as a artist sanctuary or a modern day speakeasy. It’s somewhere you can go be comfortable and be around artists, writers, producers, actors, musicians, and let yourself go and have a good time. I’m also a chef so I’m always cooking some good island food and people come over there for the good eats, good laughs, and the good people.  It’s gotten pretty popular. Everybody calls it Scozy’s. 

Kyle J: My final question, I tried to hold it off for as long as I could, but I feel if I don’t ask, Venus is going to be mad at me. Is there anyone special, relationship wise, in your life?

Cisco: I wouldn’t say a relationship but I am working towards it, if that makes sense. I’ve been single for a while so it’s about time Cisco finds a nice little chickadee to hang out with for the long term.